#rsrh Answering two questions with one answer.

Well, it’s really the same question. Lee Stranahan asksWhy Do Liberals Applaud Awful Behavior?” Ann Althouse asksWhy did the anti-Palin protesters think it was right and good to shout her down?”  The answer is the same in each case:

Because they hate us.

Seriously, folks: this is news? We’re talking about people who think that this…

…falls within the range of ‘acceptable discourse.’  Or ‘coherency.’  And in their world, well, maybe it is.  But many of these people aren’t well, and they have neither the ability nor the actual desire to get better.

And at that, it could be worse: at least most of these people are too craven to do anything that’s actually violent.

7 thoughts on “#rsrh Answering two questions with one answer.”

  1. Maybe you just have to look at it from another perspective.

    When you look at the way Walker and the GOP there rammed the bill through, even without the budget provisions, against the will of the electorate, ignoring the 100K protesters as well as poll after poll, the last thing any town would need is an outside opportunist coming in telling them to shut up as Walker knows what’s best for them.

      1. Don’t bother, Finrod: people who apologize for people who think that screaming at a 14 year old is acceptable discourse don’t last long around here. Mostly because their primary goal is to waste other people’s time.

  2. Yes, when Republicans run on a platform of doing something, get elected by a convincing margin, then actually *do* the thing they said all along that they were going to do, that’s known as “ramm[ing] the bill through”.

    What are you going to do next, prove black is white and get yourself run over at the next zebra crossing?

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