Wild pigs enter NY state ecosystem.

Alternate title: gun control now officially doomed in NY State.

No, I’m not being facetious: wild pigs are dangerous (something that the above article doesn’t really address).  They’re an aggressive, prolific, and intelligent species of omnivore that has no love for humanity (as many people have noted, pigs are smart enough to know why we keep them); states infested with them generally adopt a no-tolerance attitude towards the species.  It doesn’t help that domestic swine can breed back to wild boar in only a couple of generations, and anybody who knows anything about medieval European history can tell you how nasty wild boar can be.  The species is also hell on local ecosystems*.

So: if you’re big on the idea of gun control, keep wild pigs out of your state.  Because they’re  potentially worse than wolves, coyotes, bobcats, bears, and (theoretically) lions for being a trotting, snorting PR disaster for gun-grabbers.

Moe Lane

*Not as bad as goats are – but then, what is? And yes, that includes human beings.


  • Phil Smith says:

    Feral pig is also quite a bit tastier than factory raised oinker. It’s a win-win!

  • Don Rodrigo says:

    If the anecdotes about how big some of these feral pigs get are true, it means these animals are biologically very adaptable and successfull. Apparently a feral boar can get as big as a Siberian tiger — maybe bigger.

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