Annnnnnnd thanks for stopping by, Donald.

It was all great fun, I’m sure – but the man has just stepped in it.

[Donald] Trump said he was “concerned” about [Rep. Paul] Ryan’s deficit plan, citing concerns that the plan would “tinker too much with Medicare” and harm senior citizens.

“I think Paul Ryan is too far out front with the issue,” Trump said. “He ought to sit back and relax.”

…Yeah, like that’s gonna fly with the Republican base.  Some of us ain’t filthy rich, Donnie: ‘relaxing’ isn’t exactly an option for us.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

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  • BigGator5 says:

    I hope this marks the end of the “Isn’t Trump Cool (And I’m Completely Ignoring His Birther Rants)?” type articles on RedState and other places.

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