#rsrh Obama getting in digs against Pawlenty early.

Why else lie about the Minnesota bridge collapse?

Mr. Obama noted that the United States has been given a “D” grade for its infrastructure and said U.S. roads, sewers and bridges are “all deteriorating.” He added: “We cut transportation by another third and what’s going to happen to America? We’re just going to have potholes everywhere? We’re just gonna have bridges collapsing everywhere?”

While experts say America’s aging infrastructure is a significant problem, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, which killed 13 people, was found to have been caused primarily by a design flaw.

Admittedly, that’s about the only thing that the Democrats actually have on Tim Pawlenty, so I suppose that they think that they might as well try to milk the deaths of 13 people for partisan gain.  One has to have one’s priorities in order, after all – and there’s almost nothing more important to President Obama right now than getting re-elected*.

Via Hot Air and Jim Geraghty.

Moe Lane

*I refuse to believe that he’d do anything to hurt his kids.

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  1. I like Tim Pawlenty. Although I support Herman Cain right now in the primary, I would have no problem with voting for Tim Pawlenty in the general.

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