#rsrh Run, Grayson! Run!

Only… don’t run for the House, OK?  Your talents would be wasted in the House.  Senate!  You want to run for Florida Senate!  Sure, there’s a sitting Democrat there right now, but your allies among the netroots would line up to throw money at your candidacy against Bill Nelson*.  It would be a glorious sight.  GLORIOUS!

I won’t beg – I suspect that you enjoy that sort of thing far too much – but I will say this.  This is your destiny.

Your destiny.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

*Admittedly, about a quarter of them would be throwing money at you because they thought that they were throwing money at a primary challenge to Ben Nelson of Nebraska, another quarter of them would contribute thinking that they were funding a primary challenge to Ben Nelson in Florida, and a third quarter of them would donate because they thought that you were running in the Nebraska primary against Bill Nelson – but, hey!  The money doesn’t decrease in value just because it used to be held by idiots, am I right?

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