#rsrh Thought of the Day, AoSHQ edition.

You already knew this, of course.  But maybe you never articulated it: but that’s all right, because Ace of Spades HQ has for you.

Let me propose a thought experiment. Imagine ten liberals and ten of us. We’re each asked a series of political questions. Our task is not to answer as we ourselves would answer, but instead to guess at what our liberal counterparts will say, and not just as far as conclusions, but also as far as reasoning and assumptions and secondary premises.

Who do you think would do better at this task– we or they? We would. Because while we are fed a steady litany of liberal assumptions and assertions on a daily basis, a liberal is entirely free to ignore the conservative movement’s beliefs altogether by simply never consuming any conservative media.

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One thought on “#rsrh Thought of the Day, AoSHQ edition.”

  1. The problem is, Ace is one of those people who never, ever bucks the Narrative. He buys into it completely, by his own admission, and never seems to be able to let go of it. He bought into what the press was telling him about Thompson. He bought into what the press tells him about Palin. You confront him on any of it, and he absolutely denies it.

    Until a moment like this, right? Well, hey, now he can admit he bought into the Thompson Narrative because it makes him look like he’s grown.

    But he’s still Ace. He’ll still bail on the best candidate once the press gives him sufficient reason.

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