“Does Botox make you a sociopath?”

…What?  Sorry: I was just fear-mongering for traffic.  Apparently what’s actually happening is that there’s a study out that suggests that people who have deliberately had their facial nerves damaged end up with a reduced ability to perceive other people’s emotional responses.  This is supposedly due to the disruption of a feedback loop between the brain analyzing visual data of other people’s facial features, and a check of the person’s own facial muscles… and I probably got that completely and amazingly wrong, sorry.  Anyway: it probably doesn’t make you a sociopath, no.  Which is probably the wrong term to use, too.

Oh, well: I’m too busy trying to not make the obvious comments about our political/celebrity class to really worry about how badly I got the scientific explanations wrong.  It’s hard going, actually: I’ve never seen the wisdom of injecting botulism toxins into your face, and news like this merely validates that suspicion most neatly…

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  • MaggieL says:

    Might explain why Pelosi is able to say such totally dumb-ass things without a clue as to what they sound like to humans.

  • Perhaps they got it backwards. The sort of people who rise to the top of politics and movies/TV are already sociopaths. They have to be in order to succeed. Then they get Botoxed in order to stay there because they assume that everyone is as shallow as they are.

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