#rsrh I need to apologize to Trapper John.

I started off putting a post together on this video:


…under the assumption that Wayne Rogers (who used to play Trapper John on television) was the ‘liberal elitist douchebag‘ mocking the poor, telling people concerned about higher energy/food prices to get a better job, and generally acting like a complete and utter [expletive deleted].  Hey, former Hollywood actor: seems reasonable enough to assume, right?


Well, don’t assume: the aforementioned [expletive deleted] was actually one Stephane Fitch; I am sure that there’s probably a bunch of reasons why it’s unfair to point out that Fitch is the guy that predicted big things for Bank of America right before it tanked, but what the heck: ‘liberal elitist douchebag’ is a perfect description of the guy, anyway.  In contrast, Rogers actually comes across here and elsewhere as being reasonably dyspeptic about this entire ‘I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help your economy’ nonsense that wafts out from Dizzy City on a regular basis, so consider this entire post to be my penance for jumping the gun too quickly.  Even if Rogers actually is himself a LED, he wasn’t being one here, and that’s the important thing.

Moe Lane

PS: Is this Cashin’ In program as bad as it looks? – I don’t actually watch broadcast news.

PPS: We are definitely having problems with rising energy/food prices.


  • BigGator5 says:

    You mean cable news. I like “Cashin’ In” personally.

  • Don says:

    So….when I buy what used to be 50 bucks in food and it now costs 65 bucks, the LED’s answer is “get a better job”. Gotcha. And he equates falling home values with “more affordable shelter”. I can live in a cave for free, I bet that would be his advice when the rental market is exploding from people walking out of home loans that they can’t pay anymore and switching to a rental. Of course, you might as well hire some Nepalese porters to carry your stuff from one place to the next because gasoline is so expensive.

  • Victoria says:

    Wayne Rogers is a self-described “Jeffersonian Democrat”. Here is a quote:

    Politically, Rogers considers himself a “Jeffersonian democrat. The best government is the least government,” he says. “In some areas, I’m libertarian. I don’t subscribe to any one party, they are all bad.”

    He’s the voice of reason and common sense amidst the extremists on both sides. I find him credible and incredibly smart!

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