Barack Obama has a 116 IQ?

That’s pretty… middling decent.

Thought that would get your attention: anyway, Ace of Ace of Spades HQ is having a little fun hacking his way through the deliberately-produced tangled thicket of weighting and changes in methodology and redefined standards that goes into Harvard academic rankings.  Conclusion?  He estimates that the President has an IQ somewhere between 110 and 120… which dovetailed neatly from this estimate of 116 from 2008.  Which is perfectly respectable, of course…

…for mere mortals.

But is it fair?  Bless your heart, but why should I care?  If the President’s refusal to release his college transcripts require us to go out and calculate Obama’s (apparently not all that impressive) intelligence by hand, as it were – well, that’s his fault, not mine.  You see, in the 2004 election the existing narrative regarding Bush vs. Kerry was that the Senator from Massachusetts was clearly the more intellectual of the two… a narrative that persisted up until 2005, when it came out that in point of fact John Kerry actually had slightly worse grades in college than George Bush did.

So.  116 IQ.  If the President wants to push back on that, he’s welcome to release his college transcripts – and maybe give the right-blogosphere one heck of a black eye in the process.  Lord knows he could use a win right now…

Moe Lane (crosspost)