#rsrh Firefighters’ Union bosses turtle up.

The International Association of Fire Fighters’ Big Labor bosses have decided to, ah, reallocate their resources in advance of 2012:

As newly elected Republican state legislatures aggressively push a slew of anti-union measures, the International Association of Fire Fighters is freezing its federal political spending and shifting all resources toward its beleaguered state and local colleagues.

It’s kind of a shame that they’re not going to urinate away another fifteen million in the next national election – although possibly the ordinary, decent fire fighters who get stuck with the bill being run up on the Democrats’ behalf might find this to be a distinction without a difference.  For my own part, I’d rather have whatever electoral wars that are going to take place next year take place in the state legislature, and not Congress.  Aside from everything else, it shows who’s actually winning in the first place.

Moe Lane

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