Beware the Pittsburgh ninja.


In the latest event, a sword-wielding ninja smashed 11 cars in South Union Township, PA. and tried to stab a man who confronted him, say police. Santino Guzzo said he heard glass breaking, found the ninja hiding in a yard, and was cut in the hand during the ensuing ninja escape.

“He was like a gazelle that just got attacked by a lion,” Guzzo told the Pittsburgh Trib. “He got up and fell, and got up and fell. Then he jumped off a cliff.”

Guzzo reported that he “did not move with the grace typically associated with a ninja” and that he therefore “will not live in fear of the ninja’s return.”

By the way, Boing Boing:  the plural of ‘ninja’ is ‘ninja.’ Yes, yes, I know: English traditionally doesn’t give a [expletive deleted] what the grammatical rules are for other languages.  But, given that ‘ninja’ means ‘night-clad assassin of DOOM’… well, do you want to offend them with your barbarian’s defiling of their native tongue?

That’s what I thought.

Moe Lane

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  1. Does your wife know you were in Pittsburgh, because if she calls me, I’m not covering for you.

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