#rsrh Confirmed: Obama watches just MSNBC?

I was going to hit this Political Punch post about the President ‘telling an untruth’ about why he finally released his long-form birth certificate, and I was going to point out this Ace of Spades HQ post noting that the network that obsesses most about Birthers was MSNBC – only Jim Geraghty hit this in his Morning Briefing, so read that instead.

But I’ll note this: if President Obama’s getting all of his information from MSNBC, it would explain handily why he thinks that the media was obsessing over his birth certificate; the people at MSNBC were, and it was warping their coverage of the President (something like 9.2% of MSNBC’s total coverage last week was on birthers).  I recommend that if the President would like to get a better idea of what people are talking about, then maybe Obama should try a less biased, and more mainstream, news source.

Like, say, Fox News.


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