Blast from the Past: Don Fowler (D) being scummy.

I just used the video in the process of excising a troll in comments here (for those not clicking through, it’s a reaction to Think Progress’ rather tawdry public hate-masturbation over dead people in Alabama*).  For those without video, it’s one from 2008 where former DNC chair Don Fowler has himself a good laugh about how the possibility of another devastating hurricane in New Orleans was great news for his political faction.

Just a reminder that it’s amazing what Democrats will say in public. The good news? Never having to worry about being raked over the coals for everything that you say rots IQ points like nobody’s business.

Moe Lane

*Because global warming did it (and never mind FEMA), so this was some sort of rough justice. I’d say that this is unique: but, well, Michael Moore and his complaint to al-Qaeda that they targeted buildings in cities that voted for Gore.  So, well, no.

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