Today is May Day!

A holiday where we remember Communism: which in its various incarnations has murdered more millions through terror, famine, rapine, war, ecological disasters, and general frightfulness than any other economic or political system in human history!  If you hate humanity and the planet, you’ll love the Commies*!  It is of course also a holiday that we should remember Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II – these being of course the three public figures most responsible for dragging out the Beast that was Soviet Communism out into the light, pinning it to the ground, and slowly hammering a blessed hawthorn stake through its black, twisted, poisonous, oozing Commie heart.

Not to spoil any random Marxist’s day by reminding him or her that their precious secular god-substitute was killed filthy, and doing the metaphorical equivalent of begging for mercy while choking on its own bloody bile.  Perish the thought that I rub it in…

Moe Lane

*Assuming that you have the intelligence of a mattress, of course.  Which is pretty much a prerequisite for thinking that Marxism is a good idea in the first place: after all, Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.

3 thoughts on “Today is May Day!”

    1. That is always the fly in the ointment, matt. I have to keep telling myself that at least Asia has the historical record of Europe’s/America’s Victorian era to help them avoid the worst problems that can crop up from full industrialization.

      “Worst problems.” Sheesh, what a… bloodless way of putting it.

  1. And this year May 1 is the day upon which Pope John Paul II was declared “Blessed” by the Catholic Church. There were crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square, but not Red Square.

    That sound you hear is God flipping Marxism the bird.

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