Shorter Megan McArdle…

People can get weird about mangled quotes on the Internet.”

Kind of convoluted to describe this one: it started when somebody realized that she wasn’t all warm and fuzzy at the thought of Osama bin Laden getting a sudden case of lead poisoning, so she decided to tell the world on Facebook.  Said somebody backed up her realization with a MLK Jr quote; then somebody else* deliberately removed the quotation marks from said quote, to make it look like the whole thing was a direct quote from Rev. King.  That got passed around, often by people who are pretty darn defensive about the fact that they’re so disassociated from their countrymen that they can’t enjoy a good monster-killing; then another guy who really, really, really should have known better, Penn**, retweeted it without checking first; and then it went viral.

And then more defensive disassociated types started whining to Megan, once she debunked it.  The usual: conspiracy theories, pseudo-intellectual blather, and general man-child syndrome.  Because it’s the Internet, and Megan gets a lot of progressive trolls, and Megan is a woman, and oh right I’m supposed to pretend that progressive male trolls don’t have a lot of… issues.


Moe Lane

PS: That wasn’t really ‘shorter,’ was it?

*This is where I start to judge people.

**Really, man.  Really.  It’s the Internet, dude.

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