Charlie Crist, ambulance chaser.

I know that sometimes, people wonder if the things that they do for the Right, or the Republican party, really make a difference.  To that I say: why not ask Charlie Crist?

From Florida Governor and presumptive Senator, to ambulance-chasing lawyer ready to serve you.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put this one up on the wall.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

[UPDATE]: Here’s the blogger that it was originally from.  Suggestion for folks doing video captures: try to attach your website to the end of these things.  Makes it easier to trace the original source.

6 thoughts on “Charlie Crist, ambulance chaser.”

  1. He forgot to hold his right hand over his forehead in the shape of an “L”…..

  2. This, and his apology to David Byrne, and his ridiculous tan, are the legacy of Charlie Christ.

  3. The big question is does he wake up in the morning with the taste of ashes in his mouth or crow?

  4. Hi Moe, glad everyone’s enjoying the video, but help a little local blogger out and please give me credit for finding it.

    Check my twitter feed from last night (@rumpfshaker) and my blog last night…

    I was the one who saw the ad, almost fell off the couch laughing, and grabbed my video camera to share the fun with the online world.

    Glad y’all are enjoying it. Thanks.

    Sarah Rumpf

    1. Did an update, Sarah: btw, if you can you should stick your website URL at the end of your videos. Makes it easier to keep track of who originally did what after a video gets passed along a few times. 🙂

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