8 thoughts on “#rsrh My advice to the Osama SEAL team.”

  1. Why does the imagery of Jell-O thrown against a wall come to mind when I read/hear all the versions of The Truth(tm) which keep emanating from Obama’s administration?

    Obama’s most heroic decision may have been to let the SEALs make decisions for themselves. The coincidence that communications with the WH broke at the most important time, thereby allowing the SEAL team to not ask if they can shoot before letting loose of each round, may have been more of a feature than a bug. Yes…I’m being sarcastic. But how can a group who collectively, or individually, can’t seem to describe the same event the same way twice could have been deeply involved in the planning of such a well-run operation?

  2. Check the internationals.

    The meme that’s growing is that they didn’t shoot Osama, and since they shot somebody it’s a War Crime.

    The notion that everybody will love America because everybody loves Obama is growing more threadbare by the minute.

    Yeah. Get a lawyer, guys, one with international experience. Or disappear and change your name to Clark.


  3. Fox News has consistently used ‘Usama’ instead of ‘Osama’ since 9/11.

  4. I am getting the same bad feeling- suddenly there is a “video blackout” and the Seals acted on their own (and also just acted on their own to dump the body into the ocean a hour or so later)

    There is no conviction regarding the belief in the mission beyond we got him and Bush didn’t- 2012 here we come. Thats explains the golf while everyone is working and why Obama was the smallest man in the room in that ironically iconic picture.

  5. I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. The WH stories have flipped and changed so much as they try to adapt their PR to win the approval of the Right, the Independents and the Left. The Left is beginning to screech, and they do that quite well.

    This WH is not known for taking responsibility for unpopular decisions (excuse me for stating the obvious). Since yesterday I’ve begun to wonder if the SEALS would get thrown under the bus. They are anon right now, and would serve as an easier scapegoat than someone like Panetta who would certainly shove right back.

    If Obama & the WH do start floating rumors about the SEALS designed to “delicately” blame them, IMHO it will have damaging repercussions on BHO’s political chances. I don’t think he would be able to recover. That might be the only thing that would hold him back.

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