Chomping my way through RPG supplements…

Shadows over Filmland and Stunning Eldritch Tales; they’re both for the Trail of Cthulhu roleplaying game… which, if I haven’t mentioned before, is a pretty good mystery-geared RPG (genre: pulp horror).  This is rarer – much rarer – than it looks; most RPGs are either combat-oriented or character-oriented.  Which means that most RPGs are better suited for either hitting the orc for 2d6+4 crushing damage, or else analyzing the subtle inner torments that come with being a member of a ‘monstrous’ race, and how they affect your ability to order a pizza*.  Finding out how the orc is involved with the murder of Professor Plotwagon is usually handled in an ad hoc manner; it’s nice to have a game system that’s designed for the mystery genre.

I mention this mostly because I am growing heartily sick of watching this administration muck up a message that is the political equivalent of FREE BEER; worse, I’m getting bored with it, too.  Depression-era cosmic horror pulp is a bit of a relief.

Moe Lane

*Yes.  Dragonlance, as seen through the lens of the World of Darkness, would be hysterical.  If you don’t get that joke, don’t worry: it’s just geeks being geeks.

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