Movie of the Week: Monsters.

I just watched Monsters on Netflix, and… it’s not half bad.  It’s an independent film that is ostensibly about, well, monsters rampaging through the Mexican countryside; it’s actually about immigration and/or relationships, depending how you turn your head and squint.  Noteworthy for a couple of things: first, if you want me to watch art films, or whatever the term is, stick some rampaging monsters in it*.  Second: this film had a $500K budget, which tells me that Hollywood is inflating its operating costs by a factor of ten or more. Anyway, it’s a pretty clever flick that worked well within the limitations of its budget and resources.

And so, adieu to O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Moe Lane

*Ninja work, too.

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  • jon spencer says:

    To me the movie was not bad.
    But I really liked the “making of” it was the best part of renting this dvd.
    Watched the movie while surfing on the lap top, then I put the computer away for the rest of the dvd.

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