The Goggles Do Nothing!

I’m blatantly stealing this clip from AoSHQ for two reasons.  First off, just look at it:

I’ve played video games like that.  No, literally, I have played video games where the characters moved liked that, only maybe a little more smoothly.

Second, it’s perfect for a test I’m making of my Associates linkage.  You see, nothing’s been bought since the beginning of the month, and while it might just be because I’m sucking more this month there may be a problem with the links.  So… the movie is Undefeatable; if I see a jump in people clicking tomorrow then I can safely assume that the answer is personal suckage.  God knows that nobody in their right minds would actually buy that turkey…

Moe Lane

PS: Do not feel obligated to buy anything on Amazon via my website.  Do not even feel obligated to click the link above.  Seriously.


  • Catseye says:

    Sorry, I feel responsible. I’ve noticed that people seem to follow to stores I go too and I’ve been working on a gig for three weeks and needing lots of tech support due to software issues. I don’t usually have any money so I don’t usually buy anything (realizing that my wife is much smarter then I am). But I will be back after the gig is over.

  • qixlqatl says:

    I do try to work through my favorite sites when I do internet shopping….but that isn’t often. Internet shopping generally requires money, something that seems to be in short supply for everyone except the Congress via the U.S. Mint….

    Next time I do, though, it’s your turn 😉

  • qixlqatl says:

    P.S. That fight scene was good for quite a few laughs…if that isn’t a craptacular ’80s action movie, I’ve never seen one. There was a whole industry devoted to making those movies that singularly failed to reach ‘B’ status…or any other letter of the alphabet, for that matter. (Now I have to check and make sure that **is** from the ’80s…)

  • Catseye says:

    Heh! Like I saidfor some reason people generally follw where i go. Wish I knew why that is and how to bottle an sell it.

  • Catseye says:

    Oh and by the way I do hope you’ll heve a good week. That sometimes works too.

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