#rsrh Hey, I’d be a member of the CPC!

If I lived in Canada, that is.

Yeah.  Big shocker, that.  Anyway, that poll works until the end of the month; fair warning, though.  Based on the questions, Canadian politics are apparently fairly monotonous to anybody to the Right of Joe Lieberman.

Via  A Softer World.


  • Ric Locke says:

    You should probably check with Kate ( That poll got extensively dissected over there. At least in the initial version, it was designed to tell you you should vote for one of the Canadian parties, Liberals I think, regardless of what you entered for the questions. Perhaps it’s been updated.

    And there’s been a sea change in Canadian politics. They are now uninteresting to anybody to the right of John McCain 🙂


  • BigGator5 says:

    I’d join the Bloc Quebecois, just because. I am sorry they lost official party status in the last election.

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