#rsrh Olympia Snowe shoring up right flank.

At least, that’s how it looks from this Politico article.  It’s at the point where Snowe is openly feuding with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (much to the pleased bemusement of Senate Republicans):

It started in 2009, when Snowe lamented being shut out of Democratic negotiations over the health care bill, continued as Reid bashed her in a 2010 magazine interview and culminated in recent weeks when the two engaged in a rare public spat on the Senate floor.

The two sparred over a noncontroversial small-business reauthorization bill, with Reid accusing Snowe of “killing” the bill and Snowe saying Reid reneged on a promise to bring up her amendment.

The article notes that Snowe is now voting with the leadership 90% of the time, which is certainly an improvement.  Ed Morrissey thinks that the main reason might be that Reid, et. al. have gotten so radical in the Senate that moderates like Snowe have to oppose them; I… see the point, but suspect that crass electoral calculations may also be involved.  Probably successful crass electoral calculations, at that.  I say that not as a supporter – I’m staying out of that primary, as much as I can* – but instead as an outside observer.  I’ll believe that Snowe’s in danger when I start seeing her consistently behind in legitimate polls.

Moe Lane

*No.  Really.  I’m staying out of that primary.

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