“Tentacles,” Shoggoth on the Roof

…That’s going for a HUNDRED BUCKS?

Dag.  Now I need to find my copy.


  • DaveP. says:

    Still available directly from the HPLHS website ( ) for fourteen bucks plus shipping.

    I’ve often suspected, when seeing items on Amazon at hideously inflated prices, that what I’m looking at is a way to make transfer payments for illegal goods. Want a little package of Nastiness X? Go onto Amazon and find the copy of Best of Duran Duran that’s listed as “Used-Good Condition” for $153.99. Make sure you email the seller the magic word, and when he ships you your $3.00 CD he’ll include a $150 package of Nastiness X along with.

  • jimf says:

    I hope you also received the lyric book when you bought your copy…it came with mine.

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