#rsrh I got no beef with Newt Gingrich running.

But this is apparently not an universal sentiment:

…and while I certainly would have been much more polite about it, I’m with Ace of Spades (H/T) on this one: ouch.ย  Not surprising, though: these days, Paul Ryan is more or less bulletproof among the base.ย  We may not agree that he should run for PotUS or even WI-SEN, but Ryan is definitely showing some moxie.


  • Skip says:

    From Ace’s link:

    “I don’t know if that’s fair. I’m just saying, right now, I’d like to see some of the same authenticity and realness in Gingrich that I see in Mitt Romney.”

    When you’re being compared unfavorably on authenticity and realness to Romney, as you said, “ouch”.

  • Skip says:

    Oh, and replying to my own message with something completely unrelated – it should be fairly easy to fix the style sheet so that replies don’t lose formatting between paragraphs, if you’re interested.

  • Skip says:

    Alright, I’ll drop him a note then, I think I have his redstate email around here somewhere.

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