#rsrh Time for another Organizing for America story!

You know the one: it’s the one where we get told about how OfA is… organizing itself for America.  The group’s getting itself together, rebuilding and getting ready for the titanic struggle of 2012!

…Which is not to be distinguished from the titanic struggle of 2009-2010, which utterly failed to stop the GOP from taking the New Jersey governorship, the Massachusetts Senator’s seat, and pretty much the entire state of Virginia.  Or the other titanic struggle of 2009-2010, which utterly failed to convince the American people that health care rationing was a good thing.  And, wait, there’s that third titanic struggle of 2009-2010, which utterly failed to keep the Republican party from retaking the House of Representatives, literally decimating the Senate Democratic caucus, and cleaning up in state legislatures across the country.

Heck of a lot of titanic struggles there, really.  Fortunately, they all had happy endings.

You know, I had a point to all of this; really, I did.  At least, I had one besides ‘genial mockery.’  But I’m blessed if I can figure out what it is, at this point.

Moe Lane


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  • Finrod says:

    “This is laying the groundwork,” said volunteer Sam Jones, who last worked on a presidential campaign as a college student for George McGovern in 1972.

    At least he’s already accustomed to crushing defeat, then.

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