Taking a break from The Witcher…

…which is thankfully getting a whole lot less pound-my-head-against-a-wall, now that I understand a little better how to do combat.  Overall, pretty fun: the Central/Eastern Europe 17th century vibe is very good, but there are issues with combat being sticky.  Also, I’m already lost in the plot and it’s only Act 2.  Bottom line: having fun, will play the sequel if they’ve really fixed the quirks in this one, but I wish that Mass Effect 3 hadn’t been delayed three months.



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  • countrydoc says:

    I like these posts. Being just a casual gamer, not a fanboy, I often have little info on how to separate the gold from the dross. Just started Fallout: New Vegas. Yes, it takes me that long to get to a game. Assassin 2 is still sitting on my shelf, gathering dust.

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