So. You can get an iPad2 to recognize…

…an imported video in the Photos app: but it will not recognize it in iMovie.  At all.

I am not amused.  I have also been pounding my head against this particular wall for long enough.



  • Neil Stevens says:

    Don’t import it into iPhoto.

    Typically to import data into an app you do it from iTunes.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Neil: the problem here is that it’s not immediately obvious how I get the video from the camera to iTunes on the iPad (or, in fact, to iTunes on the PC – but that’s another issue). The entire point of this exercise was to plug the camera into the tablet, squirt the video over to be edited, and then upload it to Youtube… without needing anything except the camera, the tablet, and the appropriate adapters and cables. 🙂

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Kowalski: Though I’ve never done any movie editing on an iPad so I don’t know the specifics for that case.

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  • Neil Stevens says:

    Well I have neither the app, the cable, nor the iPad 2 in question, so I’ve never played with it… there may be an answer to what you want. Checked Apple’s forums?

  • qixlqatl says:

    I had similar problems with managing the music on my iphone. The way Apple organizes things is sometimes contra-intuitive to me, or something. It’s usually easy enough once you find it, but finding it can be a beast. (That’s my exp., fwiw)

  • Bill Johnson says:

    Silly Moe. Don’t buy Apple. Seductive, but then the handcuffs show up.

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