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…question: “Strauss-Kahn’s friends to maid’s family: How much cash will it take to shut that impoverished little mouth of hers?” As you might have guessed, Allahpundit finds the entire idea of a payoff reprehensible – which makes sense, because it is.

But I do wonder whether the answer “Everything Strauss-Kahn owns.  Everything, except for the clothes on his back and a coach ticket back to French territory” doesn’t have a certain rough justice about it.  Probably… not; but it’d do for a civil settlement, after they’re done with the criminal proceedings.

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  • Obtaining says:

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  • Mikey NTH says:

    The problem with the criminal case is that they have to stop the prosecutor from proceeding, and considering how much media attention the prosecutor is getting now, and how much more he can get denouncing this sort of witness-tampering why would the prosecutor stop?

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