This BBC Sherlock is excellent.

Watching the first episode now, and I’m pleasantly surprised on how well it works.  Then again, I did like the Downey/Law Sherlock Holmes, so obviously I’m not entirely a purist on these issues*.

Moe Lane

*Doyle would have liked that movie, I think.

[UPDATE]  Ah, so there are only three episodes’ worth so far.  Which means that I should probably ration them a little.  I have to say, they took full advantage of my preconceived expectations from reading the original Conan Doyle.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Indeed! Just adore how they modernized it while keeping it very close to the source material (like using texting for telegraphs). Second epsiode is weak, but the third is a BOY HOWDY helluva good ride. So tickled that they are making four more episodes (since Martin Freeman got a break in the middle of Hobbit filming).

    As I said over at AoS:

    I was worried about it being PC, but I was won over early on in the 1st episode when Sherlock explains that he met Mrs. Hudson because of her husband being on death row in Florida. Watson says “So, you stopped him from being executed?” and Sherlock smirks, “Oh, no, I ensured it!”


  • BigGator5 says:

    Haven’t seen the newest Sherlock yet, but my favorite Holmes (hands down) has to be Jeremy Brett. While no one will ever come close to Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, I too highly enjoyed the Downey/Law film and will always keep an open mind toward future actors who will play the part.

  • Aruges says:

    I had mixed reactions to the show. Loved the new Holmes and Watson. Hated the in show pop up graphics and the absolutely terrible villains. 2nd episode is pretty weak, the third is good until the end when it just becomes laughable.

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