Joerg Sprave is WASTED in this timeline.

He deserves to live in an alternate timeline where Steam and Clockwork Automatons are the bases on SCIENCE! is constructed:

…because there he would be Herr Doktor Joerg von Sprave, and his mastery of slingshot technology would make him the scourge of evil-doers everywhere.

Via Gizmodo, who is as much in delighted awe of the man as I am.


  • Michael N. says:

    The one thing that immediately leaps out at me is that he needs some different place to put his left hand, as his fingers are awfully close to the blade path. A forward pistol grip would do nicely, I think.

  • DanB says:

    You know, it just wouldn’t be the same with out the accent. It would still be awesome, mind you, but the German accent is just icing.

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