A quick, inside-blogball note.

I only punch down when I have a personal interest in putting the boot in.  Or I feel like it.  I personally consider blog wars to be a zero-sum kind of situation: somebody’s going to be wasting his or her time in participating in one, and it’s usually the person with more reach, readers, or reputation.  For that matter, I think that the larger left-sites are mostly there to try to distract folks on my side from going after Left-politicians and opinion leaders; and when you’re playing this game you try to tackle the opposing team, not their cheering squad*.

Whether I’d feel this way if I wasn’t part of  RedState (which is a website that everyone by now ranks as one of the top political blogs out there) is, of course, another question entirely.  One that I will ignore with dignity.

Moe Lane

*Unless they offer you a gratuitously free hit, mind you.

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  • Finrod says:

    If your time is free, then wasting it is zero cost– which is why no-name bloggers get into blogwars, I imagine.

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