#rsrh The unworkable Democratic ’12 strategy.

Simple in execution, sort of

The president has been unable to curb the nation’s nine percent unemployment rate, so he will be forced to put the best possible face on a sputtering recovery.

Democratic strategists say that means adopting an ungainly three-pronged political approach: Talking up economic gains since the darkest days of 2008 and 2009, highlighting a modest job-creation agenda blocked by Republicans and making the case that things would be far worse if the GOP were in charge.

…but completely impossible in practice, and here’s why: when the Democrats took Congress in 2007, people would get worried if you even suggested to them that the unemployment rate might hit 5.5%.  When the Democrats took over the whole government in 2009, people were grimly preparing for an extended period where the unemployment rate would not come down below 8%.  Today?  We’d sacrifice a goat to get 8%; we’d also sacrifice one to get 5.5%, but nobody would even remotely expect it to actually work.

In other words: define ‘far worse.’  Only, the Democrats have to do it with an actual straight face.

Moe Lane


  • jetty says:

    Now if we can just get Pelosi and Reid back in the spotlight, the Dems are a lock to lose the WH and Senate.

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  • Gmax says:

    Your first clue on the Senate is the Democrat incumbent retirements, and next the level of quality Republican recruits. Guys like Tommy Thompson who could not be bothered to run previously, suddenly are standing and waving for attention! Pick me pick me!

    Zero will not go away lightly. Expect the biggest lie fest ever from the dishonest party. If they are not scaring granny, they will be lying about their opponent. Its all they got, hell they have not produced a budget in two years, so what record besided the mountain of debt and the Obamavilles. Will they even claim Obamacare as a success? Doubtful except maybe in prog hells like ghetto districts or the coasts.

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