#rsrh Hey! Canadian conspiracy theorists!

Apparently, the election of Stephen Harper indicates that the USA is at war with Canada.  I don’t want to research this one, for three reasons:

  1. I kind of like the aesthetic of this particular Teh Crazy on its own terms. Having it explained might spoil things;
  2. I’m also pretty sure that the author will probably conclude that it’s All Because Of The Jooooo0oooooos anyway;
  3. And, lastly, the idea is absurd on its face.  Trust me: when the USA is at war with somebody, people know.

The underlying article is much less interesting, alas.  Apparently, some girl* held up a sign and got fired during a speech, and the Canadian Left is using the opportunity to complain and whine about how badly they did in the last election.  Glenn Reynolds is rolling his eyes over this almost as much as I am…

Moe Lane

*Hey, what would you call an immature human female?  A rutabaga?

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  • Skip says:

    Actually I think on point #3 you’re wrong – there’s a fairly large percentage of the online left that hasn’t, yet, recognized that we’ve been at war anytime since, oh, Vietnam. Of course, those folks might not even recognize it in a Red Dawn situation, and even if they did, they’d actively be on the other side, but their existence in large numbers can’t really be denied.

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