Goshen College bans the Star Spangled Banner.

(Via Instapundit) For the record: I give Mennonites a bit of a pass on peace issues, largely because I don’t get the impression that they routinely change their views in order to benefit the Democratic party*.  The Republic has endured the pacifism of the Mennonites without collapsing for two centuries and a bit, now: presumably we will endure a bit longer, even if one of their colleges doesn’t want to play the National Anthem at sporting events, the hyper-sensitive, freeloading ninnies**.

Still, this response to the Goshen College Board of Directors is… well, read it.

Responding to the decision, President Brenneman said, “I am convinced that Goshen College is on a challenging and rewarding journey toward becoming a more diverse institution that serves an increasingly diverse community. I am hopeful that this resolution will help Goshen College move forward together, and focus on finding new ways to welcome students from our local and regional community.”

What does that even mean?

Moe Lane

PS: You know why we mention ROCKETS AND BOMBS in our national anthem?  Because giving fair warning can stop a fight before it starts.  Given that the USA’s usual way of stopping a fight once it starts is to turn the other side’s terrain into a reasonable approximation of a lunar landscape, I feel that this is rather magnanimous of us.

*You want to know who meant it about being against the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq?  Look to see who’s still protesting.  Mind you, doing so will mostly be an exercise in showing you the difference between contemptible knaves and abject fools, so you may not want to bother.

**Actually, yes, I do have the right to call them that.  What with being a free citizen, and all.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    What the statement means is “we want to make overseas students feel as welcome as possible, as they pay through the nose for a piece of paper that says they were educated in the US”.

  • Cameron says:

    The irony of people like this is that they fail to realize a very important fact: The only reason that they are allowed to exist as pacifists is that there are very mean, violent people who are happy to protect them. And the only reason I say that they fail to realize it is because if they are aware of it, then they are pretty ungrateful about that fact.

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