#rsrh Salon throws @RepWeiner under the bus.

I know, I know: you have fatigue.  I have fatigue.  But marvel none the less, my droogies: the Left used to love Anthony Weiner, until he fell to earth.  But now? He’s just a “somewhat holier-than-thou liberal” who has “never actually put much effort into his congressional work;” also, “an ultra-ambitious showman with a knack for generating publicity but little interest in the nuts-and-bolts work that comes with serving in Congress.” And apparently Weiner’s got “performer’s instincts” but not ones that make him want to be “a significant player in Congress.”

All of which I agree with; I’m just shocked that Salon is saying it in the first place… oh.  Right.  The Democrats have an Eleventh Commandment, too:

Don’t get caught.

Moe Lane

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  • Scott says:

    And how is any of this different from Obama? Except Obama hasn’t been caught at anything.

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