#rsrh Ed Schultz’s… reasonable moral outrage on #weinergate

Let me summarize the positions of the people in this clip:

Joan Walsh: I am embarrassed because I believed Weiner! I blame the right-wing for being so unreasonably loud about a Democrat Congressman being scum! I had somebody hit me with a club! I have amnesia! I can now claim with a straight face that ‘we’ (Democrats/Left) police our own (and never mind Rangel, Frank, Jefferson*, Murtha…)! Bill Clinton was great! Moral outrage shouldn’t be a factor here! Being upset about possible X-rated pictures is a right-wing thing!

Bill Press: It wasn’t illegal! Everybody lies! It wasn’t illegal! Everybody lies! I hate Rush Limbaugh! Bill Clinton was great! Being upset about possible X-rated pictures is a right-wing thing!

Sally Kohn: Tony Weiner is Tiger Woods! It’s just sex! We can’t afford this distraction! We need to elect more women! Bill Clinton was great! Distraction! Distraction! Being upset about possible X-rated pictures is a right-wing thing!

Ed Schultz: You people are nuts.

…yeah: like JammieWearingFool and Instapundit, I marvel at the way that Ed Schultz ended up being the least useless person in the room, there. Heck, watch that clip without any a priori knowledge of how scummy Schultz can be and he looks just like a decent enough fellow.

*…in his freezer.


  • Finrod says:

    Truly, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man would be king.

  • Demosthenes says:

    Yes, Finrod, but given that they’re all blind together, doesn’t that just make Schultz look even more impressive — for some value of “impressive” — than the other three? (Dear Lord, did I just type that?!)

  • RS says:

    is the x-rated photo of 0bama sucking off weiner?

    breitbart should force anthony weiner to apologize repeatedly…. and then, afterwards…. release the x-rated photo of weiner and destroy him. Then lie about it by saying he had nothing to do with it when it was leaked to the press. Sorry, Did I destroy your life? 🙂

    …also word has it now, OPEC is extremely peeved with 0bama’s offshore drilling halt/ban…
    and that they have lowered productivity is a direct consquence…. gas prices are going to be surging upwards higher for the next couple years.

    and I get the distinct impression if obama is in office 2012…. OPEC will punish the voters and the obamabots by jacking gas prices triple the amount or more. for the whole 4 yrs. so they suffering a lot more. …and the economy will go downwards from there.

  • RS says:


    the details about OPEC is here, if you want to read it.

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