#rsrh Nothing Special watch, 06/101/2011.

Some folks are perhaps a little surprised – and embarrassed, and hopefully even revolted – that the White House invited in Gabon’s head kleptocrat and strongman “President” Ali Bongo* in for tea. Yeah, well, welcome to the world, folks, which is full of people who we find apparently just a little too problematical to shoot or imprison on sight.  We had distressing people smiling for the White House cameras in the last administration, and the administration before that, and every administration since they invented the camera; and we’ll have them smiling for the White House cameras after the current inhabitant has retired (in high dudgeon, with any luck) back to Illinois.  It’s that, or declare that the President of the United States of America is also the High King/Queen of Earth, with the right of High, Middle, and Low justice among his/her subjects.  Which I don’t think will fly.

Seriously: every President of the United States has dealt with this problem, and nobody’s come up with a really optimal solution to it.  So it’s hardly surprising that the arguably least qualified and least temperamentally-suited-for-the-job President in living memory can’t resolve the quandary, either…

Moe Lane

*Yes, even the name reads like a bad stereotype.  Don’t look at me: I didn’t put this guy in power.

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