Yeah, well, went to see X-Men: First Class.

It was good; better than the last X-Men movie, which should have been cut in half and each half expanded out into its own flick. Good actors, decent take on the 1960s, fairly straightforward plot, and most of the X-Men didn’t have insanely overpowered AND FLASHY abilities.  All in all, good movie: the biggest problem I had with X-Men: First Class was the last five minutes, which went a little (read: ‘a lot’) twisty in its attempt to get the movie back in line with the original continuity.

Anyway, light posting today.


  • matt says:

    It confused me. Was it a reboot or a prequel?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I dunno. It may have been originally thought of as a reboot, and then they decided to stick in some stuff and change some stuff to make it a prequel. Some of the stuff worked fine; at least one thing didn’t.

      Still, I liked the general Sixties feel. I miss some of the film aesthetics from the time period, if that’s the right word; and when you see it in modern movies it’s often done satirically.

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