Question of the day, Patriarchal Feminists For Weiner edition.

A simple question, with teeth in it:

The Anthony Weiner scandal has created a dilemma for female Democrats who are turned on by his politics but turned off by his sexual shenanigans.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

Via JammieWearingFool, via Hot Air.

3 thoughts on “Question of the day, Patriarchal Feminists For Weiner edition.”

  1. uh oh…. don’t show this to Weiner’s wife.
    they just released quite a few more graphic pics of Weiner-boy. here:

    *lol* the liberal media looks like utter fools now…
    here’s one from TYT. cenk and people like Rachel maddow, etc. thought they had overwhelming evidence that Weiner was hacked by an outside source. like this:

    I think the probably with America, is liberalism…
    it’s mental disease that destroys the rational and reasoning centers of the mind.

  2. just think… if those pics where of a nearly naked or half-naked sarah palin. Cenk, maddow, and the rest would be all over it… and it would be never-ending…

    but when the truth comes out with anthony weiner…
    they’re like oh, he did nothing wrong… republicans must of hacked his account! it was a right wing conspiracy
    the picture must be manipulated! Weiner is the victim REALLY! it’s not a big deal republicans did far worse.

    it really shows how low the liberal media will go to distort things and the double standards that exist.

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