‘All hands on deck’ for job creation! Again.

President Obama, during yet another promise to make job creation his number one priority in life. How many times does that make now? Six? Seven? Eight?  But he means it this time!

“Not until everyone who wants a good job that offers a little security has one. Not until empty storefronts in town are open for business again. Not until working families feel that they’re moving forward again. That’s what drives me every day I go to work. You. Your families. Your jobs. Your dreams, and everything it takes to keep them in reach,” [Obama] said.

Now watch this drive.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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  • Rob Crawford says:

    You heard about his plan to give out 10,000 “engineering degrees” a year?


    I earned mine. My classmates earned theirs. My nephew earned his.

    Will the Obama 10k earn theirs, or just have marked the time? Will they be engineers or “engineers”?

    And where will those 10k find work? Will we reduce the number of H1B visas by the number of “graduates” of this Bold Five Year Plan? Or will we just be dumping more pseudo-educated onto the job market?

    At least this group will be different. They’ll be “engineers”.

  • techsan says:

    Jobs creation…..this time with feeling!

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