Movie of the Week: The Last Action Hero.

If you’re wondering why I picked The Last Action Hero, given that the star (Arnold Schwarzenegger) of it has recently been revealed to have fathered a child out of wedlock over a decade ago (and hiding it from his wife for that amount of time), it’s simple: the character (Jack Slater) played by Schwarzenegger had an opportunity to confront his… English doesn’t really have a perfect word for it.  Not ‘creator;’ not exactly ‘interpreter,’ either.  Anyway, Slater wasn’t happy to meet the guy that was kind of responsible for Slater having to live in an action movie universe:

I do not like you. You have only brought me pain.

And, honestly?  Turns out that when Schwarzenegger was playing himself as a self-centered, ultimately hollow man… he wasn’t acting.  In other words, this movie has been improved, thanks to recent developments.  Hard to imagine, but htere you go.

And so, adieu to Monsters.

Moe Lane

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