…Well, the iPad’s nice for Netflix.

But as a tool for fast and easy video editing/publishing?  Well, it’d be nice if iMovies would remove the thumb from its electronic tuchis long enough to explain exactly WHAT KIND OF VIDEO FILES AND CAMERAS IT WILL DEIGN TO RECOGNIZE.  I don’t know: possibly I’m just spoiled by using real computers all the time, but I take the quaint attitude that you’re not supposed to just guess what cameras will work with a given piece of software.  For that matter, I also apparently have this strange, non-Apple notion in my noggin that enabling your software to work with non-Apple blessed formats makes the software more valuable.

Dammit, if I had known that this particular brand of tablet was going to be like this, I would have gotten one that doesn’t try to force you to buy an iPhone.  Which are about to get locked out of the guerrilla recording game anyway; I can think of at least twenty national governments who would happily acquire and use technology that would automatically disrupts iPhone video and photo recording.  Including our current Presidential administration*, most likely.

Grr.  Arrgh.

Moe Lane

*That would be the Democratic one, for the benefit of future researchers.

Moe Lane


  • countrydoc says:

    But its an Apple! Now you can feel suitably ironic about all the sheeple blindly following the evil corporatists like Microsoft or Sony. Worth every penny…

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