#rsrh The Glitter Patrol attacks another not-Obama.

Note that I’m not using the term ‘Glitter Harpies’ because this one just looks like a garden-variety… not very self-actualized and independent-thinking person. She’s just somebody who thought that throwing glitter at a Presidential candidate (in this case, Michele Bachmann) is a great way to promote the message ‘Same-sex marriage advocates aren’t fringe!’  Given the amount of private ribbing that I’ve gotten about this as a same-sex marriage advocate over this, I’d like people to stop doing this, OK?  Also, I’m not embedding the YouTube video of Ed Frank interviewing her because I could feel at least a hundred of my brain cells develop sympathetic anoxia from listening to her.  Feel free to watch it for yourself, but: You Have Been Warned.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens when somebody tries this against a candidate with actual Secret Service protection*.  Also: obviously none of the Glitter Harpies/Patrol will ever, ever dare do this against Barack Obama, even though when it comes to same-sex marriage he’s easily the worst hypocrite of the bunch

Moe Lane

*Sarcasm, there.  Please do not do this against a candidate with actual Secret Service protection.  Please, please, please, please do not do this against a candidate with actual Secret Service protection.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    No, they SHOULD try it against someone with a Secret Service detail. Or against some run-of-the-mill conservative in a “shall-issue” state.

    The sooner they suffer the appropriate penalty, the sooner this idiocy stops. Until there is a penalty for this, they will escalate. Their means are not persuasive, and they will assume the problem is their message isn’t being heard, not that they are doing their own cause harm.

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