I restrain my wrath at Skype’s customer service.

After all, it’s not Skype’s fault that I acquired an iPad2.  Or that I am still stubbornly trying to actually get some use out of the damned thing besides a p0rtable Netflix terminal.  Still…

OK, let me explain.  I have an iPad2; I have Skype for the iPad2; I do not have Powergramo, which is what I use to record Skype calls on my real computer*.  I would like the equivalent of Powergramo.  Apple tech support, of course, has no idea about what software I should purchase that would allow me to record Skype calls on the iPad; so I contact Skype to ask them, specifically, about what software I should be getting on the iPad that will allow me to record Skype calls.

Here’s their response:

While Skype does not include any in-built recording feature at this time, it is possible to use separate, external software to record your calls. One example of this software is Pamela. Pamela is a free, downloadable program that is fully compatible with Skype. It not only allows you to record your voice calls, but also your videos and your Instant Message chats.

This is, of course, a Windows product.  Way to read the emails of your customers fully before you respond there, Skype.

Now, I understand that maybe Skype doesn’t really feel the need to worry about what products are compatible with it on a particular platform, but I want to know: who the hell does worry about this stuff?  You’d think that somebody out there would see an angle in helping people figure out how to troubleshoot Apple products, but the collective response out there seems to be a collective shrug.  It’s maddening.

Moe Lane

*I no longer wonder why Apple is a niche computer company, and will never be anything but a niche computer company until it gets it through its head that computers are tools, not toys.  It constantly amazes me how difficult it is to get Apple products to do some things that real computers do matter-of-factly.


  • Neil Stevens says:

    Funny, I got tons of use out of my iPad at CPAC. 🙂

    I understand your frustration though.

    Hard to call Apple a niche company though when the iPad crushes all comers, and iOS is huge despite being on only one phone.

  • Skip says:

    Well, tbh, Apple was pretty much upfront from the get-go that the IPad was a content consumption device, not a content creation one. Doesn’t mean people can’t do it, but it does mean that they didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about making it work well, and ensuring app coverage.

    I’d still like one because they’re shiny, though.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I know that it’s a content consumption device, but that doesn’t excuse stuff like iMovies being deliberately incapable of recognizing most video formats. Particularly since Apple is patenting technology that can remotely shut down the video recording features of iPhones.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Honestly if I had the resources I’d try to get such an app developed.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    I give it one week after Apple rolls out the disabling tech before some…industrious people…have a work around figured out.

  • Skip says:

    Hmm, I wonder what the iOS audio model is? See, the reason stuff like this works on a PC is that audio/video playback goes through a series of drivers, or it can anyways. So something may, for example, take the audio and crack it for dolby digital. Or take dolby digital and condense it down to headphone stereo output, etc. But the important thing is that I, as an app developer, can insert a filter virtually anywhere in the chain, including at the very end right before the audio goes out the speaker, and grab it.

    Apple had no reason to have a model like this, because there will never be different audio or video hardware that it runs with, with drivers written by someone other than Apple themselves. And if they do add it they lose control of the content, so there are active reasons to avoid it.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Now you know why I scoff at buying an Apple computer/products.

  • Chris says:

    Okay, first saying that all Apple products are toys or niche products is insulting to those of us who use Macs. Name one thing your Windows PC can do that my Mac can’t. /endofrant
    And I do t want this to turn into a Windows v. Mac v. Linux flamewar. Use the OS you want to use.

    Now to try to help with your problem. If all you want to do is record Skype audio calls then you can use the Voice Memos app and put your calls on speakerphone rather than using a headset. The Voice Memos app will record you and the audio being put out by the iPad so you get an audio recording of your call. Even if you do a video call this will still work, you just won’t get the video. Now if you do want to capture the video and the audio the only solution I can think of is an external piece of hardware that captures an incoming HDMI signal. Basically a not too expensive box with HDMI in and some sort of recording device like a harddrive or USB thumb drive. They run the gamut on price, but there are quite a few options. I have an original iPad and can’t use the HDMI out cable because the processor on mine isn’t as good as yours in the iPad 2 so I haven’t tested any, but with a small amount of googling you should find something. I hope this helps.

    And to remember, just because you’re used to doing a process one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Well, Chris, we’ll see if this works. Downloaded the app and am now waiting for the developers to tell me how to get the voice files over to iMovies. Which is a MUCH more familiar situation and about three steps farther than I’ve gotten to date; thanks for the help.

  • Chris says:

    As an aside, I get a ton of use out of my first gen iPad. I do play Netflix videos while doing dishes but I also use it to follow news (like moelane.com) take notes in class (with hand drawn pictures and typed text, something that would be more expensive on a traditional windows tablet) record lectures while taking notes, read books, read and respond to emails fro pm work/family, and many other things to stay productive. And I can do these things from the Park whIle my daughter plays on th slide.

    Just my 2¢.

  • BCochran1981 says:


    “Name one thing your Windows PC can do that my Mac can’t.”

    I recommend you, I dunno, scroll up the page.

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