#rsrh ACORN suit rejected by Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, in other election fraud news: the Supreme Court has refused to give the notorious group ACORN one last opportunity to challenge its loss of federal funding.  ACORN, of course, was the corrupt and multiply-indicted organization with a multi-year rap sheet for election registration fraud; it was finally stripped of its federal patronage after a series of sting videos involving its membership providing legal and economic assistance to two people posing as a prostitute and pimp for underage, illegal immigrant prostitutes.

And if you think that the previous sentence bugs ACORN’s erstwhile defenders, here’s another provocation: this entire exercise, of course, was merely the first scalp that can be claimed by Andrew Breitbart and his krew.  The Left has been trying to kill them off ever since; if you’re wondering how well they did, well, go ask Antony Weiner.

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