#rsrh Winning the Present?

This article from an alternative universe – one where President Obama “was decisive and communicated what it was all about” during the 2008 election cycle – is interesting, but I missed why I have to be concerned about the travails of alternate-dimension Americas.  The one that I live in* is having enough troubles on its own.

That’s pretty much what I wanted to say about that, except of course to note that delaying deficit reduction until 2013 is not, as the article suggests, going to be a ‘bipartisan’ solution.  I really, really suggest that no Republican legislator make that mistake.

Moe Lane

PS: Wow, I’m cranky this morning.

*I live in the America where the current President got elected by deliberately not communicating as much as possible.  Transmitting, sure: a day did not go by where we didn’t get a gauzy message or three.  But interactivity was nil, and every attempt to tie Obama down to specifics back then got a breezy “Oh, it’s on his website” from his acolytes.  Expect them to try that last bit again this cycle, by the way.

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