Robocop badge!

Because I agreed: Detroit Needed a Robocop Statue.

My official, real badge will be in the mail soon. You may all be envious now.

Background here.  Or go to Detroit Needs Robocop.


  • Skip says:

    Eh, don’t know why Detroit needs a Robocop statue – it was filmed in Dallas, and judging from the number of Red Wings fans that show up for Red Wings/Stars hockey games in Dallas, there can’t be too many people actually left there.

  • BigGator5 says:

    I can’t believe you actually gave them money for a Robocop statue to get a Robocop… badge…
    I WANT ONE!! *starts to cry*

  • Jeff says:

    I see the statue is currently funded at 134%. Last I heard Mayor Bing was still against this, but then he’s in the pocket of OCP anyway…

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