I’m against stripping #MMFA’s tax exempt status.

Oh, they totally deserve having it stripped, of courseeven Democrats admit that Media Matters for America is a cheap strumpet for their party – but I have a pragmatic reason for being against removing their tax exempt status.  If MMfA loses its tax exempt status, it will inevitably go belly-up (nobody’s going to fund an exposed fake tax-free), so after it goes belly-up the cash currently being allocated to keeping it around will unquestionably end up going to another liberal/progressive/Democratic institution.  Given that the propensity for MMfA staffers to have both thumbs up their asses is so institutionalized that it’s now part of their dress code, this could only be an improvement for the Left.

So.  George.  Double their budget.  Or, Hell,  just give ’em big stacks of cash and have ’em burn them in a field.  It’ll save you some time, really.

Moe Lane

PS: No, seriously.  They really do suck that badly.

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