#rsrh No recess appointments over July 4th break?

While we’re on the subject of what goes around, comes around…

President Obama will likely be blocked from making recess appointments over next week’s July 4th break, according to Republican Senate sources.

The Senate is likely to hold so-called “pro forma” sessions at least every three days over the holiday week, thus preventing Obama from making any such appointments during the period, according to the sources.

Essentially, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn’t want to adjourn without passing a budget, and Harry Reid doesn’t want to pass a budget, and the only people who get truly shafted by pro forma sessions will be progressives, anyway*.  You see, pro forma sessions equals ‘no recess appointments;’ which means that all of those would-be government officials deemed too controversial for the regular nomination process get to stay on the sidelines cooling their heels.  Like, for example, Elizabeth Warren of the ‘Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’ – who I am explicitly pointing out by name solely for the sheer pleasure in reminding the Left that President Obama doesn’t have the guts to fight for her.

Never has – and, likely, never will.

Moe Lane

*In other words, nobody that matters.