#rsrh Supreme Court Fight Club Watch: 06/28/2011.

Not much to report on this, except that:

  • NRO has a report on the entire Bradley attack that looks… about like how I thought it happened, really.  Short version: Bradley wigged out, Prosser was defending himself, the Left needs to just deal with it.  Not to mention, zip their pants back up.
  • Ann Althouse has just discovered that proper feminists are apparently supposed to simply parrot whatever narrative that the Democrats need them to parrot; if they don’t, they get to be attacked by hyper-progressive men!  Who generally seem… to really get into it, IYKWIMAITTYD.
  • Joy McCann (now of The Conservatory) is having none of that, by the way.  I add this link mostly for the H/Ts, and to encourage my readers to check out Joy’s new digs.

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  • countrydoc says:

    So, per the Left’s own criteria, shouldn’t Bradley resign? Or are the rules mystically different for her? Rhetorical question, we all already know the answer.

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